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  2023/02/22   Dynamite Results – February 22nd

We Hear From Ricky Starks

Ricky Starks then makes his way down to the ring, and he says it isn’t a secret that he has dealt with interference from the Jericho Appreciation Society. To him the message is clear, Chris Jericho doesn’t want a rematch with him, and he accepts it so he is moving on from that. He has an open challenge for a match against him at AEW Revolution, as he will be damned if he is left off the PPV. 

He knows someone is itching to get on the card, so he welcomes them to come and do the damn thing. However, it is Chris Jericho who makes his way out instead of someone new, and he congratulates Starks for beating him. He tells him to put it in a box and look at it every night he goes to sleep as it will never happen again as Starks isn’t at his level, and he wishes him good luck for his open challenge. 

Peter Avalon then appears, looking to answer the challenge but instead, he gets dropped with a Judas Effect from a spiked jacket that Jericho is wearing. Jericho says that you can’t have Revolution without him, and maybe he should take the contract and have a rematch to embarrass him. Starks says he knows what will happen as JAS will come and jump him, but he doesn’t know why he needs them unless he thinks he can’t beat him. Jericho says he can as he is the great Chris Jericho and one of the best to do this, and he would sign the contract and write that JAS has to stay in the back, except he doesn’t have a pen. 

However, Starks does, and Jericho brings back the click of the pen style from his list days. He signs the contract and makes the match official for Revolution, and tells him to be careful what he wishes for as nobody outsmarts the Ocho, but that leads to Starks smiling and winking at the camera. 

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