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 who is Ricky ?

Name: Ricky Starks
DOB: February 21, 1990
From: New Orleans, LA
Years Active: 2011-Present

Ricky Starks is an American professional wrestler currently signed to All Elite Wrestling (AEW), where he is the current FTW World Champion. He also serves on the commentary team for AEW’s Friday night program, Rampage. Starks is also known for his time with the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), where he was the inaugural winner of the revived NWA World Television Championship.

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August 3rd – AEW Dynamite in Columbus, OH at Schottenstein Center

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Dynamite Results – March 8th
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Let’s Hear From Ricky Starks

Ricky Starks says he is having a hell of a week, he has done it all taking out Jericho Appreciation Society. People ask him what is next for him and the answer is that he’s not sure. The question that weighs on his mind isn’t what he will do next, but where he is going to go next. This leads to Bullet Club’s sign showing up on the titantron, and Juice Robinson appears from behind as he lays out Starks. 

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Revolution Results – March 5th
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Ricky Starks vs. Chris Jericho

The two men waste no time brawling inside the ring to start the match, with Ricky Starks coming out on top as he sends Chris Jericho to the outside and then dives out to the ring to continue the attack. However, when they get back inside the ring Jericho turns things around with a heavy Irish whip and then hits him across the neck. Jericho misses with the Lionsault, but he does manage to drape Starks onto the top rope impacting his injured ribs.

Jericho slams Starks into the barricade repeatedly as he then stomps away on him back inside the ring, attacking the ribs again by dropping him down onto his knee. He continues the attack outside the ring again with shots to Starks’ ribs, but Starks turns things around with a big DDT which gets a near fall. Jericho fires abck with some chops and he then looks for the Codebreaker but Starks catches him and hits a powerbomb of his own.

Starks aims for his own finisher but it is reversed and they both hit the ropes as Starks aims for a Spear, only to be caught mid-move with a Codebreaker, but Starks kicks out! Both men then trade slaps, and Starks then tries to throw Jericho out of the ring. However, he stays on the apron and runs up to the top turnbuckle, but Jericho misses with his high-risk move and Starks then connects with a Spear, and this time it is Jericho kicking out to keep the match alive.

Starks hits a thrust kick to drop Jericho as he then looks for a Moonsault but Jericho rolls out of the way and then locks in the Walls Of Jericho. Starks counts and rolls into a single-leg crab, but Sammy Guevara then runs down the ramp only to be speared by Action Andretti. However, the distraction allows Jericho to use his bat, but as he aims for the Judas Effect Starks blocks the move. Starks then nails Jericho with a huge knee to the face, following it up with Roshambo. 

Winner: Ricky Starks

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Dynamite Results – February 22nd
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We Hear From Ricky Starks

Ricky Starks then makes his way down to the ring, and he says it isn’t a secret that he has dealt with interference from the Jericho Appreciation Society. To him the message is clear, Chris Jericho doesn’t want a rematch with him, and he accepts it so he is moving on from that. He has an open challenge for a match against him at AEW Revolution, as he will be damned if he is left off the PPV. 

He knows someone is itching to get on the card, so he welcomes them to come and do the damn thing. However, it is Chris Jericho who makes his way out instead of someone new, and he congratulates Starks for beating him. He tells him to put it in a box and look at it every night he goes to sleep as it will never happen again as Starks isn’t at his level, and he wishes him good luck for his open challenge. 

Peter Avalon then appears, looking to answer the challenge but instead, he gets dropped with a Judas Effect from a spiked jacket that Jericho is wearing. Jericho says that you can’t have Revolution without him, and maybe he should take the contract and have a rematch to embarrass him. Starks says he knows what will happen as JAS will come and jump him, but he doesn’t know why he needs them unless he thinks he can’t beat him. Jericho says he can as he is the great Chris Jericho and one of the best to do this, and he would sign the contract and write that JAS has to stay in the back, except he doesn’t have a pen. 

However, Starks does, and Jericho brings back the click of the pen style from his list days. He signs the contract and makes the match official for Revolution, and tells him to be careful what he wishes for as nobody outsmarts the Ocho, but that leads to Starks smiling and winking at the camera. 

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Rampage Results – February 17th
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Ricky Starks vs. Daniel Garcia

The bell rings and the pair stare one another down. Garcia slaps Starks before Starks fires off several right hands. He lands a vicious forearm, then follows it up with a back body drop. Garcia delivers a chop, but Starks fires back with an elbow and several rights. Garcia sends Starks onto the apron, then delivers a Dragon Screw and follows it up with a right hand that sends Starks to the outside.

Back from the break, Garcia delivers a belly-to-belly suplex. Garcia shoves him into the corner and delivers several boots, but Starks catches him and plants him. Garcia shoves Starks, then delivers a Dragon Screw. Starks delivers several stomps, but Garcia delivers a spinebuster. He goes for a pin, but Starks kicks out. Garcia locks in the Dragon Tamer, but Starks escapes. Sammy Guevara runs down to the ring to try and help out Garcia, but Action Andretti appears and the two begin to brawl up the ramp. Starks hits a Spear, then follows it up with Roshambo for the win.

Winner: Ricky Starks

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AEW Road to Lexington
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AEW Road to Fresno
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Dynamite Results: December 14th
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MJF (c) vs. Ricky Starks (AEW World Championship & Dynamite Diamond Ring Match)

MJF gets a couple of strong shots to start, hitting Ricky Starks’ pose for good measure as he avoids being tripped and struts around the ring. Starks then gets the best of his opponent which angers the champion as he goes out into the crowd to throw their popcorn. When he comes back the challenger goes for several pinfall attempts, but he isn’t able to catch the champion out so he then nails a strong clothesline instead.

MJF turns things around with a poke to the eye, and he then hangs Starks out to dry as he spills to the floor. MJF continues his dominance with a rake across the back, which is followed by Starks being driven into the turnbuckles. The champion then locks in an abdominal stretch as he increases the pressure due to his knuckles. Starks counters with a hip toss and then a big lariat which drops his opponent.

Starks gets a shot to the jaw and then a big back elbow in the corner before an exploding lariat as he then uses the ropes to run up and hit a DDT, rocking the champion. Starks then nails a Liger Bomb, and that almost gets the job done! MJF responds by focusing on the arm of his opponent, which includes driving onto it from the top turnbuckle. The two men then brawl and go back and forth, but another eye poke by MJF creates breathing room only for him to turn into a big boot.

MJF responds with a stiff rolling elbow, but when Starks hits the ropes he bounces back with a Spear, but he’s unable to capitalize as they’re both doing. MJF lures him in though, and when Starks goes for the pinfall he reverses into the Salt Of The Earth, and MJF then yanks the other arm and a leg back to try to stop a break, but Starks gets his other leg there just in time.

MJF goes for the move again but it is reversed into a pinfall attempt, yet MJF kicks out only to eat a thrust kick, but as he goes for his finisher MJF scurries away. He then hides behind the official and after that nails Starks with a low kick, and that allows him to get a roll-up to defend the title.

Winner (and still AEW World Champion): MJF

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Pru center
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Credit: Prucenter on instagram

Dynamite Results – September 28th
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Ricky Starks vs. Eli Isom

After that, Ricky Starks picks up a quick squash victory against Eli Isom with a Spear being immediately followed by the Roshambo.

Winner: Ricky Starks

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Rampage: Grand Slam Results – September 23rd
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Ricky Starks vs. Powerhouse Hobbs in a Lights Out Match

The bell rings and the two men waste no time, hitting one another with forearms. Starks fires off several right hands before Hobbs delivers a kick to the midsection. Starks comes back with a clothesline, then sends him into the ring steps. Hobbs delivers a neck breaker to Starks, then pulls out a table from under the ring. He tosses it onto Starks, then grabs several chairs from under the ring and tosses them in. Hobbs delivers a sit-out powerbomb, then rams a chair into Starks’ midsection. He hits him across the back as he sets up the chair in the corner. He gets Hobbs up on his shoulders and rams him into it. Starks manages to send Hobbs into a chair in the opposite corner, then goes for a pin but Hobbs kicks out.

Hobbs delivers a low blow, then sets up two chairs facing one another. Starks delivers a low blow of his own before re-positioning the chairs back-to-back. He looks for the Roshambo, but Hobbs counters it into a back body drop. Hobbs delivers a running powerslam into the stack of chairs in the center of the ring, then goes for a pin but Starks kicks out. Hobbs delivers a forearm as the two crawl up the ramp. Starks fires back with an elbow before Hobbs sends him face first into the lights on the tunnel. He rips a light fixture off the tunnel and looks to hit Starks with it, but Starks spears him through a table previously set up in the corner. He hits Hobbs with the light fixture, then delivers the Roshambo for the win.

Winner: Ricky Starks

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